Baby Aung Thar from Myanmar

Baby Aung Thar from Myanmar was suffering from Trans position of great arteries with VSD and large PDA, with single coronary artery.( TGA,VSD,PDA)

He was diagnosed at 2 nd day of life and was blue, not feeding well and frequent hospitalization.

As child requires urgent surgery and that facility was not available to their country they contacted us and flied here to our centre.

When we received the baby he was 2.6 kg 50 days old.As he had blood infection we have to treat it before taking for major surgery.

Child was taken for surgery , Arteries were switched with coronary artery, VSD was closed and PDA sutured.

Child recovered well, extubated on 4 th post operative day and shifted to ward on 7 th post operative day.

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    Jul 13, 2014 - So, we brought him to India on our doctor's advice,” Win Myat said. By the time Thor arrived at Kauvery Hospital in Chennai, he had contracted ... On June 23, a team of surgeons led by cardiothoracic surgeon Prashanth Shah ...

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